Need New Specs? Seek Inspiration From 4 Famous Four-Eyes

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Whether you've been wearing eyeglasses for decades or are just getting your first pair, choosing new frames can be stressful. Do they fit your face right? Do they match your style? Do they make you look too nerdy, but not in a nerdy-hipster-doesn't-care-what-society-thinks kind of way? If you're struggling to find frames that fit your face and your personality, these four celebrities might inspire you in your decision making process. 

29 July 2014

Utilizing A Quality Medical Alert System To Augment Home Care

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Having home care available enables many seniors to maintain their independence and avoid the nursing home environment if they wish to. By combining a quality medical alert system with that home care, their safety is maximized and valuable peace of mind is given to both them and their loved ones. This article looks at the features that a quality medical alert system should incorporate. General Features for all Systems Ease of emergency activation

24 July 2014