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How Arterial Bypass Surgery Can Improve Circulation In Your Legs

If you allow hardening of the arteries to progress in your legs, then you are at risk of amputation. Peripheral artery disease is a common disorder that usually affects men over the age of 50. However, women can get this condition as well. This condition puts you at risk to develop other health problems that […]

Four Steps You Can Take To Prevent Colon Cancer

According to the American Cancer Society, nearly 137,000 people in the United States will be diagnosed with colon cancer this year and over 50,000 people will die from it. These are scary statistics, but what some may not realize is that colorectal cancers are some of the most preventable types of cancer. Here are four […]

Ways To Whiten Your Teeth

If you would like to whiten your teeth, you have multiple options. Here are a few of them: Natural Whitening If you would rather use natural substances to whiten your teeth, you can often get visible results from items that may be in your pantry. For instance, baking soda, which is typically available in many […]

A Short Guide To X-STOP Implants

If you have been diagnosed with spinal stenosis, you know how incredibly painful it can be. The vertebral bones that surround your spine and nerves may create a channel so narrow that you are in constant discomfort. Something called an X-STOP implant might be able to provide you with relief. Here is a short guide […]

Caring For Your New Disposable Contact Lenses

If you have just taken a trip to an eye doctor and found you are in need of corrective lenses, and you opt to get contacts so you do not need to wear glasses all the time, you will soon be enjoying crisp vision without the hassle of wearing frames. When someone starts wearing disposable contact lenses, […]

3 Things You Need To Know About Laser Treatment For Keloids

Keloids are growths made of excessive scar tissue. These oversized scars can form as a result of injuries like ear piercings. While keloids aren’t dangerous, they can be lumpy and darker than the rest of your skin, so they can cause cosmetic concerns. If you’re sick of your keloids, your dermatologist may be able to remove them […]

Top 5 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Cataract Surgery

According to the Kellogg Eye Center, approximately 90 percent of people experience a cataract by the age of 65. Fortunately, there is a surgery that can remove the cataract from the lens of your eye. Below is a list of five frequently asked questions regarding the surgery if you or someone you know develops a […]

Depressed? 3 Medical Reasons Why You Can’t Snap Out Of It

If you suffer from chronic depression, you’ve probably had at least one person tell you to snap out of it. You may have also been hurt when friends and family members belittled you for your illness, telling you it’s all in your mind. Unfortunately, a great deal of ignorance and stigma still surround depression and […]

3 Facts You Should Know About Accessing Affordable Orthodontics As An Adult

If you have always been self-conscious about your overbite or underbite and have never been able to do anything about it, it is important to note that there are many adults today who have recently chosen to access the appropriate orthodontic work. However, as an adult, there are several pertinent factors that you should be […]

2 New Treatments For Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a chronic joint condition that affects the knees, hips, back and neck, fingers, and toes. It causes stiffness, swelling, pain, and a cracking sound when the joint bends. Osteoarthritis affects 27 million Americans, making it the most common chronic joint condition. Despite the prevalence of the condition, a diagnosis of osteoarthritis, or OA, […]