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Activities For Keeping Your Senior Engaged And Healthy

Seniors, especially those who have already retired, may find it difficult to find something else to do with their lives. After having years of feeling like they have a purpose, seniors may later have a difficult time finding ways to keep occupied. Also, the brain needs to be stimulated in order to remain healthy. Fortunately, […]

Bee Calm: Your Guide To Handling Stings & Allergic Reactions

Stung by a bee? Whether you are allergic to the stings or not, this can feel intensely painful. These common questions may provide you with much-needed answers about dealing with bees as the weather changes. What is a mild bee sting reaction? Mild reactions to bee stings are the most common. Symptoms associated with a […]

Spondylolysis And Martial Arts Training

Spondylolysis is the term used for a fracture in the supportive posterior portion of the spine that keeps the vertebrae in alignment. Because the fracture is usually located in the pars interarticularis, smalls sections of bone that connect the vertebra to the spine, the injury is often referred to as a pars fracture or defect. […]

Employers Should Take Note Of Subtle Indicators Of Opiate Abuse

The number of opiate addicts has reached alarming proportions. Roughly 2.1 million people abuse opioids in the United States with the overwhelming majority procuring their drugs in the form of prescription pills. Despite taking large doses of pills daily, opioid abusers can become functional addicts. Still, cognitive function is impaired due to effect of drugs […]

How To Overcome Prostate Cancer With Surgery

It is possible to overcome prostate cancer when diagnosed early and when it is confined to your prostate. More than 75 percent of prostate cancer cases are found in men over the age of 65. This disease occurs in a man’s prostate, which is a small gland that creates your seminal fluid that nourishes and […]

Cure Athlete’s Foot Faster With These Simple Lifestyle Changes And Habits

When you come down with athlete’s foot, it’s important to start using an over-the-counter anti-fungal spray or cream to clear up the infection. However, if you don’t also make some lifestyle changes and adopt a few habits to keep the fungus at bay, your infection may take a lot longer than you’d like to clear […]

How Arterial Bypass Surgery Can Improve Circulation In Your Legs

If you allow hardening of the arteries to progress in your legs, then you are at risk of amputation. Peripheral artery disease is a common disorder that usually affects men over the age of 50. However, women can get this condition as well. This condition puts you at risk to develop other health problems that […]

Four Steps You Can Take To Prevent Colon Cancer

According to the American Cancer Society, nearly 137,000 people in the United States will be diagnosed with colon cancer this year and over 50,000 people will die from it. These are scary statistics, but what some may not realize is that colorectal cancers are some of the most preventable types of cancer. Here are four […]

Ways To Whiten Your Teeth

If you would like to whiten your teeth, you have multiple options. Here are a few of them: Natural Whitening If you would rather use natural substances to whiten your teeth, you can often get visible results from items that may be in your pantry. For instance, baking soda, which is typically available in many […]

A Short Guide To X-STOP Implants

If you have been diagnosed with spinal stenosis, you know how incredibly painful it can be. The vertebral bones that surround your spine and nerves may create a channel so narrow that you are in constant discomfort. Something called an X-STOP implant might be able to provide you with relief. Here is a short guide […]