Need New Specs? Seek Inspiration From 4 Famous Four-Eyes

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Whether you've been wearing eyeglasses for decades or are just getting your first pair, choosing new frames can be stressful. Do they fit your face right? Do they match your style? Do they make you look too nerdy, but not in a nerdy-hipster-doesn't-care-what-society-thinks kind of way? If you're struggling to find frames that fit your face and your personality, these four celebrities might inspire you in your decision making process. 

Drew Carey

Although he has since changed frames, Drew Carey became famous wearing signature specs with thick black rectangle frames. These frames have many different names including Buddy Holly glasses, wayfarers, and nerd glasses. Very few people even attempted to pull off this look in the early 1990s, but it only added to Carey's comedic appeal. 

Take a lesson from Carey and don't be afraid to play with different shapes, especially stark rectangles. This look matches just about any facial structure, as long as the frames are sized correctly.

  • Make sure the outer edges of the rectangles hit just at the edge of your face and don't go past it to keep your face from looking too small
  • Keep the height in check. The bottom of the frame should rest just at the top of your cheek bone, while the top of the frame should hit just below your brow. 
  • The thickness of the frame is up to you, as long as it meets the previous two requirements.

Sally Jesse Raphael

Although she's been retired from the talk show host game for some time now, Sally Jesse Raphael made a name for herself in the 1990s with socially relevent topics and her bright red specs. She changed frames often, but they were always the same eye-catching red. 

Not many people—then or now—would try to get away with such a bright color, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't. If you're tired of the same black, tan, or metal, venture into louder territory. Braver glasses wearers can try whole frames with vibrant colors.

If you're intimidated by a bright, electrifying color, you can start out with more muted splashes. Many designers now offer tortoise shell glasses with pinks, blues, and golds instead of the classic cream. You could also try classic frames with colored ear pieces.

Sarah Palin

Of course, not every pair of glasses has to have a frame at all. During the 2012 election, Sarah Palin's signature glasses got almost as much media attention as her political views. The frames were essentially frame-less, with large rectangle lenses and metallic ear pieces. You'd think these muted glasses would be less noticeable, but they actually did a lot to accentuate Palin's eyes and her clean sense of style.

If you want to play with fashion while still looking professional, rimless glasses a great option. They're eye-catching in their simplicity, and they can help bring out your positive facial features. Just make sure you get the right size and shape. For example, Palin's glasses worked so well because the large rectangles complemented her oval face and the lack of rim brought out her large chestnut brown eyes.

John Lennon

While the previous three celebrities' glasses followed the rules of size and shape, John Lennon's famous frames broke the mold. Lennon wore small, flexible metal circle frames that barely covered the entirety of his eye. This is a look that wouldn't normally be recommended, but it truly worked on Lennon's slender frame and circular face shape. 

Lennon's look goes to show that not every style has to follow traditional conventions. If you find a pair of frames that breaks the rules but still looks good on you, go for it. As long as you're feeling comfortable and confident, you can make those glasses work. 

Choosing the right frames is important. Purchasing glasses is an investment, so you need to be happy with them for what could be a couple years. You want to make sure they fit your look, personality, and facial structure. Still, you don't want to be boring. These four celebrities did just that by playing with size, shape, color, and fit. 


29 July 2014

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