Tips For Making Your Home Safe For A Guest With A Mobility Aid

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If a friend or family member who uses a mobility aid is going to be visiting your house soon, make sure your house is easy for them to navigate. By making a few small modifications around your home, your guest will be able to navigate around without having to worry about running into anything. 

Make Sure There Is A Parking Space In Front Of Your House

Make your guest's visit easy from start to finish. For many individuals who use mobility aids, it takes a lot of strength, focus and energy to walk even short distances. Make their visit to your home a little easier by making sure that the closest parking space to your house is available in order to reduce the distance your guest needs to walk. 

Make Sure Everything Is Spaced Out Properly

The first thing you need to do is make sure everything in your house is spaced out properly. You'll want to make sure that your guest can easily walk through your house without running into any furniture. Your guest is going to need to have at least two feet of space, and possibly a few extra inches, in order to easily navigate their walker throughout your house. 

Tuck Away Any Cords

Make sure that all your cords are tucked away, and none of your cords are sticking out into your walkways. It is easy to miss this little detail since your cords don't typically trip you up. Walk around your house and check all of your outlets and makes sure none of your cords will get caught on your guest's walker. 

Provide A First-Floor Bedroom

If your guest is going to be spending the night, try and provide them a place to sleep on the first floor of your house, even if you have to move a few things around. Stairs can be particularly difficult for individuals who use mobility aids to navigate. Your guest will appreciate your efforts to provide them with an easily accessible place to sleep. If their stay will be an extended or permanent one, you may want to consider purchasing home modification equipment from companies like Twin City Stair Lifts.

Ask About Any Special Needs

Before your guest arrives, ask what you can do to make your house more accessible to them. Your guest will appreciate you taking the time to make sure that your home is comfortable for them, and they may have a few ideas or suggestions that are unique to their particular situation.


3 June 2015

Outstanding In-Home Care

When my mother fell at home and broke her hip, we all thought that we were going to have no choice to put her in a nursing home when she got out of the hospital. My mother had always asked us kids to avoid putting her in any kind of home, but we didn’t know what else we could do. None of us were capable of giving her the kind of rehabilitation and care that she needed. Then her doctor suggested that we find out if her insurance covered in-home care. I didn’t even know that that was an option. I was pleased to discover that in-home care was covered by her plan. Now she gets great care from nurses and nurse assistants that come right to her in her home, where she wants to be. It’s a great option, and I’m so glad we have it.