Requirements That Need To Be Met Before An Insurance Company Covers Male Breast Reduction Procedures

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It can be much more difficult for a man to get insurance coverage for breast reduction surgery than a woman because his breasts will usually not grow large enough to cause significant back pain. Even though they are not causing back pain, however, it there are still many reasons for a man to reduce the size of his breasts. It could be because he wants to feel more comfortable with his body or because doing so will allow him to lead a happier life.

One of the main obstacles to getting male breast reduction surgery is paying for it. Many people seek to have their insurance pay for it, only to be denied. Here are some common requirements that need to be met in order for your insurance company to cover male breast reduction. 

1. You Require Treatment

The first thing that you are going to need to prove to the insurance company is that you require treatment in the first place. The easiest way to go about this is to ask your doctor to call the insurance company and vouch for you. He or she can detail the numerous reasons why you medically need the surgery to the insurance company and help increase the chances that you will be able to get coverage.

2. Your Breasts Interfere With Your Ability to Function Normally

The second thing that you are going to have to prove is that the size of your breasts makes it difficult for you to function normally. You can do this talking about the jobs that you feel you have not been offered as a result of your appearance, your difficulty going on dates because you are not able to attract the type of partner that you would like, or any mental problems that you are having because of the size of your breasts. You need to prove that getting rid of most of your breast tissue would significantly improve your life.

3. Other Options Have Failed

The only ways to reduce the size of male breasts once they have formed is to get surgery. You need to prove that you have tried other methods to reduce the size of your breasts and that these methods have failed in order for insurance to be willing to cover this treatment.

For more information, talk to a cosmetic surgeon. He or she might have some ideas regarding how to get insurance coverage for male breast reduction.


6 August 2015

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