Are You A Bass Fisherman? Better Protect Your Skin

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If you are a bass fisherman and on the lake more than you are off of it, you need to put yourself first and take care of your skin. If not, you could get skin cancer. Follow the tips below so you can go after those fish, and not have to worry about something like this.

The Sun

The sun has two types of ultraviolet (UV) rays: UVA and UVB. UVA rays are what is responsible for wrinkles, and UVB rays are the rays that can cause skin cancer. You may not think you have to worry so much about the sun when it is cloudy outside, but you do.  The UV rays can be even stronger when behind clouds. The sun can even penetrate through very thick clouds. Being on water increases the amount of UV exposure you receive by 15% so you have to be extra careful while you are fishing.

Your Clothing

Be mindful of the clothing you wear also, as clothing may not have as much sun protection as you might think. For example, a plain white t-shirt has a sun protection factor (SPF) of approximately 7. This factor jumps to a 3 if your clothing becomes wet. The lower the SPF factor, the less protection you have against UV rays.

So, when you are choosing your clothing, go with darker colors to get more UV protection. Clothing that is made of tightly woven fabric is even better, as the sun has a harder time penetrating through it. To know if the clothing has this type of fabric, hold your shirt, pants, etc., up to the sun. If you can see light through them, then the UV rays can get through.

There are some manufacturers that have treated their clothing with UV absorbers to help prevent some of the penetration of both UVA and UBV rays. You can also purchase a laundry additive that contains sunscreen to add to your washing machine when washing your clothes.

Skin Cancer

There are many types of skin cancer that you could get. One type is Actinic Keratoses (AK), which causes spots or dry, scaly patches that are precancerous growths. You will see this type of skin cancer mainly on the forearms, hands, neck, and head. AK may progress into squamous cell carcinoma skin cancer if the precancerous growths are not removed.

Another type of skin cancer is basal cell carcinoma (BCC), which looks like a pinkish patch or flesh-colored bump on your skin. It is often found on the arms, neck, and head. If not treated, BCC will invade your bones and nerves.

Melanoma is the most dangerous form of skin cancer. In many cases, melanoma develops in a mole on your body, or it can appear as a dark spot on your skin. If you notice any changes on your skin at all, see your doctor immediately.

You need to keep sunscreen in your boat at all times, and apply it to your skin before you leave, as well as a few times a day while you are in your boat. The American Academy of Dermatology suggests using a sunscreen that has at least an SPF of 30 or higher.  Make sure you put the sunscreen on all of your skin, including your neck, face, and ears. For more information, consider contacting the professionals at TrueSkin Dermatology & Surgery, Inc.


30 November 2015

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