Caring For Your New Disposable Contact Lenses

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If you have just taken a trip to an eye doctor and found you are in need of corrective lenses, and you opt to get contacts so you do not need to wear glasses all the time, you will soon be enjoying crisp vision without the hassle of wearing frames. When someone starts wearing disposable contact lenses, they may find it takes a bit of time to become adjusted to the process in cleaning them and handling them properly so they do not become damaged. Here are some general guidelines to follow in an attempt to keep your new contact lenses in the best of shape so they do not cause injury to your eyes due to poor care.

Battle Dryness With Rewetting Drops

When you are becoming accustomed to wearing contact lenses, you may suffer from eye dryness from having them cover your eyes for several hours at a time. It is a good idea to carry rewetting drops to use at times when your contacts feel as if they are dry. This will lubricate the lenses, making them more comfortable in your eyes as a result. Limit the amount of time you keep your lenses in your eyes to a few hours for a day or two, increasing the amount by an hour or two each day to help you become used to the feeling of them in your eyes. This will also help you determine how often your eyes become dry, allowing you to plan accordingly with having drops on hand at times when dryness is imminent.

Swap Contact Lenses With Fresh Pairs On Schedule

Disposable contact lenses can be worn daily for a few weeks before they should be thrown away and replaced with a new pair. It is very important to adhere to the instructions on the contacts' packaging regarding the frequency of replacement. If you use the same pair longer than this recommended time, you put your eyes at risk for contracting bacteria or scratches due to deteriorating lenses. Rather than take this risk, keep track of when you had opened new lenses on a calendar. Keep this near your bathroom sink to remind you when it is time to open up a new pair to use.

Clean Your Lenses Daily To Keep Them In The Best Of Shape

Most people use a multi-purpose contact lens cleaning solution for keeping their lenses free of debris build-up. Ask your eye doctor for their recommendation on brands if you are not sure which would best suit your needs. This solution can be used to rub away debris from the surfaces of each lens as well as keep them wet when they are stored. It will also suffice as a rinse before putting them into your eyes. Make sure to wash your hands before touching your contact lenses.

If you feel burning, itchiness, or have redness after using a solution, switch to a different brand. If this still happens, one of your lenses may have obtained a scratch, causing the discomfort. Use a new lens to see if it is more comfortable. If not, see an eye doctor from a clinic like Atlantic Eye Consultant PC - Delianides Aris P MD to check over your eyes for injury.


27 June 2016

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