How Arterial Bypass Surgery Can Improve Circulation In Your Legs

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If you allow hardening of the arteries to progress in your legs, then you are at risk of amputation. Peripheral artery disease is a common disorder that usually affects men over the age of 50. However, women can get this condition as well. This condition puts you at risk to develop other health problems that can result in you losing your limbs. Vascular surgery is recommended for patients who are at risk for amputation. Read on to find out how arterial bypass surgery can improve circulation.

How PAD Leads To Amputation

The inner lining of arterial blood vessels is smooth, which allows for blood to flow with ease. In a person with lower extremity peripheral artery disease (PAD), this inner lining becomes damaged. It leads to the buildup of your lipids and cholesterol, which results in the hardening of your arteries. This accumulation is called atherosclerosis.

As the atherosclerosis progresses in your limbs, your arteries start to get narrower. The narrowing stops blood from flowing freely. When this occurs, you may experience cramps, discomfort and pain in your calves, thighs, or hips when walking. You may also start to feel pain in your feet when resting.

Atherosclerosis prevents you from getting the nutrition it needs to repair your body and for normal growth. It also leads to you getting conditions like gangrene and tissue death. These conditions can lead to your legs not functioning.

Why You Need Surgery

Patients who undergo arterial bypass surgery have problems with circulation in their lower legs. This occurs when insufficient oxygen and blood is reaching the tissues in your foot and leg. Your tissues are not getting enough oxygen, which results in ulceration, pain and gangrene. A bypass operation is recommended to improve this problem.

How Does A Bypass Works?

The point of a bypass operation is to improve the blood and oxygen supply to your tissues. This surgery is done by taking blood from your good artery that is above the blocked artery. This blood is rerouted using a tube to your good artery.

The results of bypass surgery can vary depending on the severity of your arterial disease. This surgery improves function and mobility in patients who are still able to walk. If you were unable to walk before the surgery, then it is very unlikely that mobility will improve after having the surgery. It is important to catch this disease before it gets to the point of needing your legs amputated.

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22 August 2016

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