Cure Athlete's Foot Faster With These Simple Lifestyle Changes And Habits

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When you come down with athlete's foot, it's important to start using an over-the-counter anti-fungal spray or cream to clear up the infection. However, if you don't also make some lifestyle changes and adopt a few habits to keep the fungus at bay, your infection may take a lot longer than you'd like to clear up. Here's a look at some simple lifestyle changes and habits that will help fix your itchy feet faster.

Wear open-toed shoes.

The fungus that causes athlete's foot needs lots of moisture to survive. If you wear open toed shoes whenever possible, your feet will stay a lot dryer, and the fungus won't have the moisture it needs to replicate. If you must wear closed shoes at work, at least try to find a pair with canvas or vented material in the front so your feet get more air.

Disinfect your shoes daily.

If you take your shoes off, treat your athlete's foot, and then slip those same shoes back on the next day, you're just re-introducing the fungus to your feet since it can survive inside your shoes for a while. So, get into the habit of disinfecting your shoes after each use. You can purchase shoe disinfectant sprays at most athletic stores and pharmacies. Follow the instructions to be sure you give the disinfectant enough time to work before putting your shoes back on.

Bleach your tub or shower floor.

People often catch athlete's foot from the shower and locker room floors in gyms and other public facilities. But if you have athlete's foot and shower at home, the fungus is probably living on your shower floor, too. So that you don't keep re-infecting yourself, make sure you disinfect the shower or tub after each use. You can keep a bottle of bleach water by the shower and just spray it down after you shower. Bleach is excellent at killing fungi.

Wash your sheets daily.

Washing your sheets everyday might get annoying, but it's what you need to do if you want to avoid re-infecting your feet with fungi each night. Sleep without socks so that your feet can breathe, and put those sheets in the wash (with hot water to kill the fungi) each night. Alternatively, you can make sure your feet stay on a towel as you sleep all night and then launder the towel each day.

To learn more about fighting stubborn athlete's foot, speak with a podiatrist, like one at Hartford Podiatry Group.


2 September 2016

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