Tips For Getting People To Donate To Child Kidney Cancer Center

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Whether you're a parent whose child suffers from kidney cancer or the problem is simply close to your heart, getting people to donate to child kidney cancer awareness can go a long way in ensuring that the issue gets attention and hopefully a resolution before all is said and done. Following are a few tips you can use to get other people to donate to child kidney awareness programs:

Host a Block Party

A great way to drum up interest in child kidney awareness is to host a block party. Plan an entertaining presentation to educate everyone that attends the party about the seriousness of child kidney cancer and the need for donations. You can plan games for kids and adults to play that shed light on child kidney cancer too.

For example, create a trivia game with questions about child kidney cancer and make sure that the answers can be found in the literature that's available at the event. Leave donation boxes on tables throughout the party and near the entrances so people can donate as they see fit before leaving. You can then donate the money that was collected to your preferred child kidney cancer charity.

Hold a Community Raffle

Holding a community raffle is another effective way to raise some money for child kidney cancer awareness. Invest in a couple prizes that you think your community members would enjoy, whether it be a set of movie tickets or an interesting painting.

Promote the raffle through fliers, newspaper advertisements, and online media and designate a public location, such as a park, to sell the tickets during specific days and times of the week. After the raffle ends, you can pick winners and present them with their prizes, then donate the proceeds minus the initial investment you made to your favorite child kidney cancer awareness program.

Have a Garage Sale

You can also raise money for child kidney cancer awareness by having a garage sale or two to sell your old stuff. Sell old clothes, furniture, and other belongings at the garage sale that you don't really need to make a profit from so that you can give the money you make to a child kidney awareness program. If you do sell things you'd like to see a return on, mark the prices up enough that you'll have a little money left over to donate.

The tips and tricks outlined here should make it easy to get people within your community to donate to a child kidney cancer awareness program. Contact an organization like Driven To Cure for more information and assistance. 


23 August 2017

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