Ooops! You Did It Again! How To Tell If You Really Have A Premature Ejaculation Issue

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All jokes aside, there are many teenage boys and men that worry about premature ejaculation. The truth is, only a very small percentage of men and adolescent boys suffer from true premature ejaculation issues. Here is how to tell if you are one of the very few that has this problem.

You Ejaculate Before You Ever Enter Your Partner's Vagina or Anus

It does not matter if you are gay or straight, or experimenting with the opposite sexuality from which you are accustomed. If you ejaculate during foreplay and before you insert your penis in your partner's anus or vagina, you may have a premature ejaculation disorder. While the anticipation and excitement can cause the pressure to build in your penis and testicles, you should not ejaculate without masturbation or insertion.

You Ejaculate Within Two Minutes or Less of Insertion

Yes, it is very hard to time how quickly you "come" after insertion. However, you can ask your partner to note the time of insertion and then continue until you ejaculate. A fairly quick response of two minutes or less as noted by your partner may indicate an issue.

You Fit the Literal Description of a "Walking Hard-On"

If your penis is so sensitive that your clothing causes you to walk around with a constant erection, and you are not mid-puberty, this might also indicate issues with premature ejaculation. The extreme sensitivity keeps you at a heightened plateau of sexual arousal, resulting in ejaculation the minute your partner touches you. Many men experience this intense sensitivity that directly coincides with premature ejaculation, so you may want to discuss this with your doctor.

Treatments for Premature Ejaculation

If any of the above situations apply to you, be sure to have a conversation with your general practitioner or your urologist. There are medications that can help, but your doctor may suggest some other over-the-counter products first. Numbing agents and condoms that dull the sensations of intercourse should be tried prior to taking any pills, especially if the pills are counter-indicated with any other health issues you have (e.g., irregular heartbeats, pulmonary problems, etc.).

If you still experience issues with premature ejaculation, talk to your doctor again after you have tried all of the products he/she suggested. It also helps to log the frequency of your sexual encounters. Your issues may have something to do with long sexless stretches, or with hyper-production of testosterone. Then your doctor might take a slightly different approach to your problem.


8 October 2017

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