Compounding Pharmacies Help Those With Epilepsy After Their Medications Are Taken Off The Market

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Epilepsy is a condition that can be quite painful and even dangerous. Thankfully, various medications help to minimize the danger of this disease in a variety of ways. However, these medications may be discontinued and put a person in a problematic position. Thankfully, compounding pharmacies can help.

Why Drugs Are Discontinued

The FDA approves different medications every year, and unfortunately, many of these medications are later taken off the market. For example, some medications may end up triggering unexpected side effects that were more dangerous than anticipated. Others may simply get replaced by other types of medicines that are more effective.

People who experience this situation typically have a few different choices to make. The first is to seek out other medications that create the same effect while the other is to stop taking the medication completely. However, people with epilepsy simply don't have that luxury.

What Happens To Those With Epilepsy After Medicines Are Discontinued

People with epilepsy typically need a large dosage of various types of medications to stay healthy and happy. They can't simply stop taking a medicine and must often remain on medicines for life. When a company discontinues a medicine for whatever reason, individuals on these medications are in a tough spot. While they can take replacement medications that might have the same effect, there is always a transition period that can be a problem.

For example, a trial medicine may end up not working out for somebody with epilepsy, which may trigger an attack that may be dangerous. However, individuals can avoid this type of problem by working with a high-quality compound pharmacy.

How Compound Pharmacies Help

When epilepsy medications are taken off the market and an individual need medicines that can take its place, compound pharmacies can help. These facilities combine various types of drugs and medicines in a way that can emulate various types of discontinued medications. Though it won't be the same chemicals, the effects of the new medicine may be the same.

Just as importantly, compounding pharmacies can come up with unique drug combinations for each individual, which improves their overall treatment. For example, someone with epilepsy may react to a certain medication positively and another one negatively. Compounding pharmacies focus on the good and weed out the bad in these mixes.

So, if you or someone you love has epilepsy and just lost the medicine that helped make life easier, don't hesitate to contact compounding pharmacies like Camelback Compounding Pharmacy. These facilities provide an excellent resource for those who are stuck in this often difficult position.


6 March 2019

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