Root Canals Don't Cause Health Issues: Three Myths

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A root canal is an oral health procedure that is intended to improve your overall oral health. A root canal is not a procedure that puts your health at risk. However, there are some myths out there that have led some people to believe that the procedure can actually increase their risk for a health concern. Make sure you know the facts.


One of the oldest myths circulating around health concerns and root canals is the idea that the procedure somehow increases the risk of cancer. The explanation behind the theory is based on the perception that dead teeth emit toxins into the body. 

Since toxins are sometimes linked with cancer concerns, the idea that a root canal can cause cancer was birthed. Scientific data does not support this idea. In fact, procedures like root canals and regular dental checkups can actually go a long way in reducing this risk, as providers can often spot areas of cancer concern before they develop into something more severe. 

Heart Disease

Another common myth is the idea that a root canal will increase your risk of heart disease. This misconception primarily comes from a mix-up of misinformation. When it comes to root canals or any other oral procedure, there are certain precautions that must be taken when the patient has heart disease. 

In fact, the side effects and risk associated with certain medications used to treat heart conditions can actually prevent a person from being able to have a root canal performed. The procedure does not cause heart disease but can raise concerns for people who already have it. Remember, providers analyze a patient's entire medical history before performing any procedure. 


A dead tooth is often the result of some sort of infection. So, to some people, the idea of leaving a dead tooth in place also means that you are leaving behind the infection. From there, people assume that the infection will spread to other parts of the mouth or body. However, it's important to remember that with a root canal, the infected pulp is removed and replaced with somewhat of a placeholder.

Speak with your oral health care provider if you have concerns about the risks of a root canal to put your mind at ease. Remember, if your provider has recommended this procedure for you, he or she has weighed any concerns and determined the root canal is best for your situation. 


22 May 2019

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