Social Anxiety Holding You Back At Work? Consider Medical Marijuana

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Work can be a frustrating and strange place for many people but is particularly tough for those with social anxiety. If you are having a hard time fitting in with your co-workers, you may struggle to succeed and run into many other issues. As a result, you should seriously consider treatment methods like medical marijuana to ensure things go smoothly.

Social Anxiety May Make Your Work Life Impossible

Many people suffer from social anxiety, particularly in an area that may make them uncomfortable, like work. Unfortunately, it can be very hard to beat that anxiety at work because you will be there for hours every day without the chance to sit down and figure out why you're upset. And this anxiety may become so distracting that you, whatever your anxiety causes, you can't focus on work.

Anxiety triggers can vary for many different people. You may be fine talking to your boss but struggle to interact with others. For example, you may want to make friends with certain individuals but find your social anxiety reaches high peaks when you try to talk. As a result, you should seek out the benefits of high-quality treatment to manage this anxiety. In many cases, medical marijuana may help.

When Medical Marijuana Is Right for You

If social anxiety is affecting your work life, talk to your therapist and doctor about medical marijuana. This unique treatment method may help to calm your nerves and make work easier. The doses will be adjusted to ensure that you don't get too out of focus while at work. Just as importantly, it can create a feeling of calm that makes your life easier and more enjoyable.

Before trying out medical marijuana for your work-related social anxiety, make sure to talk to your bosses and managers about its use. They should know that you are being prescribed this medication so that, if they do drug tests, they aren't surprised by your results. While they can't fire you for taking medical marijuana, they may have strict use restrictions that you should follow.

In this way, you can get the benefits of medical marijuana and fit in better at work at the same time. Just as importantly, you can learn how to manage your anxiety in a constructive way and become a happier person. The ultimate choice falls on you, and will require you to make some pretty tough choices that may not be immediately obvious to you. 

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29 October 2019

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