What Is Usually Included In Billing For Ambulance Services?

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When a health emergency arises, sometimes the only option is to call and request the help of an ambulance service. Emergency medical transportation staff are trained and experienced in providing the care needed to help keep a patient stable until they arrive at a hospital. There are many different types of care provided by an ambulance service. The final cost of being transported by an ambulance depends on what type of care is provided for each individual patient. These are the costs that are usually included in the billing for ambulance services.

The Transportation Costs

The cost of use of the ambulance may vary depending upon which city or state the patient is being transported in. This cost may be a flat rate that is set for transportation within a certain distance or it may be a certain amount per mile that is traveled. There may also be an additional charge for the time it takes the ambulance to get from the emergency station to where the patient will be picked up and then on to the hospital. These fees are used to cover the cost of fuel in the ambulance, the upkeep of the ambulance, and the cost of insurance and registration for the ambulance.

The Medical Supply Costs

The cost of the use of medical supplies in the ambulance can also vary greatly depending on what health issues the patient is having. For instance, a patient who has severe injuries from an automobile accident may require the use of several more medical supplies than a patient who is suffering from chest pains. There is normally a set fee for the use of each type of medical supply, and the cost will be the total amount after all the supply fees are added up. These fees cover the cost of replacing any medical supplies that are used during treatment to ensure there is plenty in stock for future patients.

The EMT Service Costs

Emergency medical technicians perform many different life-saving services every day. These professionals are trained and educated on how to provide the necessary care to keep their patients safe until they can be treated by a physician, surgeon, or another specialist. The cost of these services is used to pay the EMTs for their hard work and dedication to their patients. This may be an hourly pay or it may be salary pay depending on which ambulance company the EMT is employed by.

Ambulance billing service companies normally combine all the fees for the services rendered and send an itemized bill to each patient. However, if the patient has health insurance that covers the cost of using ambulance services, the bill may go directly to the insurance company instead.

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24 January 2022

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