The More Serious Long-Term Consequences Of Low T

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Low testosterone (T) is often thought of for its negative impacts on male sex drive and muscle mass. As such, some men who find out they have low T take their time in treating or managing it. They figure it's mostly a "cosmetic" or "lifestyle" thing. But testosterone actually affects the body's systems and organs more than you might realize. In the long run, Low T can have some other, more serious consequences for male health that are worth considering when exploring your treatment options. 

Loss of Bone Mass

As you get older, you generally get a bit less stable on your feet and more clumsy. You might fall when walking down stairs, for example. If your bone mass is down and your bones are brittle, you are more likely to suffer a broken bone. Low testosterone can make your bones more brittle over the years. The earlier you learn about your low T and start treating it, the less your bones will be affected.


Low T may not cause you to feel depressed right away, but over time it can start to have a more profound affect on your mood. Your levels of neurotransmitters, like serotonin and dopamine, can decrease over time, leading to depression and a low mood. Some men turn to solutions like SSRIs and MAOIs for depression, when low testosterone is really the root of the problem. Addressing your low T earlier may help prevent depression or keep you from having to take medications for your mental health.

Lower Red Blood Cell Counts

Men who have low testosterone for longer periods of time may develop lower red blood cell counts. This can have all sorts of long-term and short-term affects on your health. It may lead to low energy levels, a racing heart, trouble sleeping, leg cramps, and even dizziness. You may notice that your athletic performance decreases. Men often blame this on the loss of muscle mass that comes with low T, but often, it is due — at least in part — to the lower red blood cell counts as well. Supplementing with testosterone can help keep your blood counts in the healthy range.

The consequences of low testosterone don't all appear at once. If you've been told you have low T, don't let a current absence of symptoms keep you from receiving treatment. This is an issue you're best off dealing with early on.


29 June 2022

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