The Importance Of Undergoing Screening For Colon Cancer Regularly

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Medical advancements have allowed doctors to detect and treat a variety of cancers effectively today. Among them, cancer of the colon remains one that doctors may be able to treat if it is detected in its earliest stages.

However, detecting it early requires patients to undergo screenings for it. You may win your fight against this illness by getting regular colon cancer screenings.

Early Detection

When you undergo screenings for colon cancer, you may be able to detect this disease before it progresses to later stages. Early-stage colon cancer may be easier for your doctors to treat. They may be able to perform surgery to remove tumors or have you undergo chemotherapy or radiation therapy to kill off the cancer.

This early detection can also make colon cancer faster to treat. You may only have to undergo treatment for a matter of weeks or a few months. You might avoid having to battle it for years before it reaches remission.


Further, screenings for colon cancer are relatively fast and convenient to undergo. They typically only take a matter of minutes to perform. During that time, you are sedated so you are not aware of what is going on during them.

You may also avoid having to check into a hospital to stay overnight for a colon cancer screening. You may have yours performed in an outpatient facility and be allowed to go home in a matter of hours, if not faster, after your colon cancer exam. You can get back to your regular routine within a day or two after the procedure.


Finally, screenings for colon cancer provide accurate details of what might be going on inside this part of your body. Your doctors avoid having to guess if you have this type of cancer and at what stage it might be. They also avoid having to cut into you to find out if you have colon cancer. 

The results of the colon cancer screening provide them with enough information to determine if further treatment is warranted. The results of the screening can also determine how often you may need colon cancer screenings to avoid this illness.

Colon cancer screenings can benefit you in your effort to avoid and fight this illness. They can detect colon cancer in its earliest stages, and they may also take a relatively short period of time to undergo, thereby providing doctors with quick results. 


3 October 2022

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